Topic: Raid Schedule

Baradin Hold

Moving to Wednesday. Help the Horde take Tol Barad! If we are able to get possession of the region, move on to Baradin Hold. The exact time will obviously be unpredictable and participation in the pvp is purely optional.

If we aren't able to capture it but have possession Thursday night at 8 PM server with enough time remaining to down the boss, we will be starting here.

If we don't get the opporutinity to run BH on Thursday, it is on pug status for the rest of the raid lockout.

Throne of the Four Winds

The loot from this raid isn't compelling enough to take time away from our main raiding nights, but if we finish Baradin Hold at a reasonable hour we'll take a crack at it.

Thursday through Saturday

Save your ID's for Blackwing Descent & The Bastion of Twilight.

We will start BWD Thursday and likely continue through Saturday. Please reserve your BoT ID until we can see the particular drake combination this week and make the call to attempt or not.

After the Saturday night, everything is on pug status.

Half your dps & twice your total damage: always, fastly, and well.