Topic: Teh New Hotness

In recognition of all the changes Faceroll has seen lately, we'd like to add one more to the pile... BEHOLD! TEH NEW HOTNESS!
Guild pride.... wearing nothing but a tabard and a smile.

Several of your inebriated friends collaborated on this masterpiece last night... in recognition of our tendancy to end our raids (or start them?) with at least half of us lost to a drunken stupor, we selected the drinking mugs as our new guild icon.

(Hey, it was that or a pink safetly helmet.)

Lord Marrowgar: This is the beginning and the end, mortals. None may enter the master's sanctum!
Eurydise: *blink* *SPLAT*
Guild: Uhh, Eury, why are you dead?

Re: Teh New Hotness

...and two months later ::hic::, the drunken druid Adruo approves. ;D

-I can only heal wounds; I cannot heal stupidity...