Topic: Whoops!

Well, during my weekend away, it seems my account time ended. So if I wanted to sign on and say goodbye to everyone, I couldn't :[

Say goodbye, you ask? Why yes, Shupani is hobbling off for a second time. Mostly because once summer ends she's gotta start paying back the muchas moneys she owes her parents, and frankly I'm just not signing on enough in the first place. I hope you old nerds enjoyed my brief return {however sporadic}, and I hope the newfags weren't put off by my humor.

Actually I don't really care if you were, sorry 8D

I probably WILL be back for Cataclysm, because I. well. yeah, it's a fucking expansion and I can't say no sobbbbb.

But until next we meet ♥ several of you have my AIM name or Facebook or e-mail or phone number so you know how to reach me :U

Hild is not included in the people who know my phone number, and for darn good reason. Peace, nerds!!

You face not Shupani alone, but the legions she commands!