Topic: Raiding 25s: double the Faceroll, double the fun!

As of this weekend, Faceroll's 25-man raiding schedule will be as follows:

FRIDAYS -- ToC25 reg
SUNDAYS -- ToC25 heroic

Fridays will be regular ToC25 - all mains, no alts, total hardcore boss action.

Saturdays, we'll run a second ToC25 reg with all the mains who weren't able to make Friday's raid for whatever reason, be that bumps, IRL stuff, or general lack of hygiene (*ahem* Gantru).  And, for the first time, we will be opening up slots in this run to include alts and F&F-rank members.  NOTE: when it comes to slots and loot on these runs, mains will ALWAYS get priority.

Sundays, we'll keep poking the festering boil that is ToC25 heroic.  This run will be open to mains only, just like Friday runs.

Questions / comments?  Leave 'em here!

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Re: Raiding 25s: double the Faceroll, double the fun!

Nazmin wrote:

NOTE: when it comes to loot on these runs, Cloin will ALWAYS get priority.

Fix'd that for you.

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