Topic: Facerollin' 10-mans

After having fielded more than a few questions about 10-mans recently, I thought I'd pop on over to the forums to brikkity-break down the officers' stance on the matter: 10-man raids are not scheduled raids.  If this isn't news to you, then just move along, you well-informed Faceroller, you.

So, what does it mean when I say they "are not scheduled"?  Well, it means that:

1. Officers are not in charge of arranging or leading 10-mans.
Please do not harass them about starting one up.  Doing so will make my /gkick finger itchy.

2. These raids are generally not scheduled in advance.
If you hop online and see ten Facerollers in ToC10, chances are the group was randomly formed 15 minutes before go time.  There were no sign-ups, there was no forum post.

3. These are often friends & family runs.
Because we're full on raiders, all new members are now being accepted under "F&F" status, meaning they are not given priority on scheduled 25-mans.  So many Facerollers take 10-mans as an opportunity to run raids with their F&F.  So don't expect an invite -- many of these are closed affairs.  (Plus, you know, they hate you.  Personally.)

The bottom line is: if you want to run 10-mans, feel free to start one up yourself with guildies and/or puggies. 

Now tawk amongst yaselves.

-- Nazmin

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