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Heyo Facerollers,

It's come to my attention that there has been a high volume of technical problems amongst guild members lately, including account theft and hardware failure.  I wanted to take a moment to give you some unwelcome advice.

Account Theft

Blizzard provides authentication devices to improve account security.  These devices replace your typical password with a randomized string that is contantly changing.  You must have the device with you to know what the password is at any given time.

The physical authenticators (United States / Canada) are frequently sold out.  Blizzard also provides mobile device applications that fill the same purpose.  These mobile apps are available for iPhones, iPod touch, and other mobile devices.

Hardware Failure

As you probably already know, computers generate a lot of heat.  Over time, a PC's cooling systems (heatsinks and fans) become clogged with dust, and become significantly less effective.  Suboptimal cooling combined with summer air temperatures can result in dangerously high temperatures around your PC's internal components.

You can easily clean your computer with a few items, including canned air or alternative (I use an electric air pump), a paper clip (extended), and a screw driver (if needed to open your case).

You should clean your PC outside, and make sure to touch a metal part of the case to discharge static electricity before touching internal components.  Use the paperclip to immobilize any fans you're cleaning.  Spinning the fans with your dusting device can cause damage.

15 minutes could save you hundreds of dollars on your car insurance.  Or save your PC from a hot, fiery death.  And remember, Winners don't do drugs!

Re: Public Service Announcement

It is also advisable to use a paperclip, a rubber band, and a pencil.  (The instructions from there on in should come naturally if you simply grow a mullet)

One can also make use of the enclosed space of a simple bathroom tub, filling it with 6" to 8.4" of room temperature water.  Add bubbles for improved cleaning power.  Contrary to popular myth, computers actually benefit from being submerged in disinfectant solutions, as this is a far more effective method of cleansing viruses from your gigabytes.  Also, remember to ensure your flux capacitor has a good enough power supply, as this can cause unwanted results. 

Also, staples has free pc tune-ups, which include a free physical cleaning of the machine atm.

Re: Public Service Announcement

I've also heard it's good to go sky diving with your machines - the rush of air really helps to insta-clean what needs to be dealt with.

Just don't drop it.

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