Topic: Guild Roster

Our guild roster is online.  Ooooo.  Ahhh.  It gets updated every night at midnight, provided the road between us and the armory isn't full of bandits and kobolds.  As you can see (by clicking on it), it contains a bunch of useful information about the guild in overview form so we can spy on you and take pictures of you in the shower.

If you have problems with it, you probably broke something and it's all your fault.  You'd better not let me find out by posting on the forums because then I might try to fix it and make the roster even better than it already is.  On the other hand, if you have nice flowery comments, don't post that shit either.  Unless you're gay for me.  Then it's OK.

Poasted by your Lord and Master--wait, that's Yden.  Poasted by the Web Goblin (that's Zivix).  Let's hope there are no explosions this time.

Re: Guild Roster

I noticed that the script was not properly updating, so I fixed it an uploaded a new version.  The way it's supposed to work is as follows:

  • It updates at midnight to get the most recent data.

  • If it can't retrieve an entry, it retains the old data.

  • If it can't retrieve an entry for three days, it assumes the person is no longer in the guild.

I'll keep an eye on things to make sure these criteria work properly.  If you notice something is amiss (your profile hasn't been updated or is missing and it's been more than a day or two) please let me know.

I also made a few changes so the roster displays properly in IE7 and Opera. :)