Topic: 10 man content to begin on the 19th

WooT!  We are beginning our run into the T7 content 10 man raids on Friday the 19th.  I look forward to having a kickass time in Naxx and rockin' Sartharion's face on a weekly basis.  We will start each week with Obsidian Sanctum, and then get into Naxx on the same night.  Sartharion should take us about 20 minutes in total to clear, so we will be starting Naxx on the first night of raids each week. 

If anyone has concerns or questions about raiding, scheduling, or anything pertinent to being in this guild please feel free to contact me via email, in-game mail, pm over the boards, or just send me a tell in-game and we can resolve whatever it is that is vexing you.