Topic: We're exceeding maximum density for only one 25 man run per week...

As you all have noticed we have almost doubled in size within the last three weeks.  We opened up referrals for friends and family, and the guild exploded with new members.  I want everyone to realize that for the next two or three weeks there will be a significant amount of bumping occurring on our 25 man raiding nights, and that I will be working with the officers to appropriate fair representation from all sectors of the guild throughout our 25 man raids.  We will, eventually, start running two 25 man raid groups on the weekends, and I want folks to please be patient with the management while we are moving through this transitional period.  Everyone has a ton of friends in Faceroll, and there will be nights in the next three weeks that people see their good friends receive a bump for the evening.  I want people to understand that orchestrating fair 25 man raids when 43 people attend a raid evening is my top priority.  I will ensure that:

1) The raid has the tools that are required to be successful and efficient in the target content for the evening.  This means that when the target content is the last half of Naxx, drakes up Sarth, and Malys 25, that people in greens won't be getting priority.  Part of being fair is ensuring the the 24 other people in the raid don't wipe repeatedly because of one or two people who are not prepared. 

2) Anyone who is bumped will receive priority on the next scheduled raid that they attend.  Those who volunteer to bump will have first dibs on raid slots on their next attended scheduled raid.

3) Everyone will get a shot at content and loot.  The purpose and goal of this guild is that everyone gets to have a chance to experience the content of end-game and to provide all PREPARED members with an equal opportunity to receive loot.  (See the looting policy posted on these boards for more details)

4) We all have a good time.  We're paying to play this ridiculous video game, and the least myself and the officers can do is work to ensure the fun, light, and non-srs b'ness atmosphere that we have created is maintained and nurtured.

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Re: We're exceeding maximum density for only one 25 man run per week...

I would also state that  hubby wife  boyfriend girlfriend combo does not matter either. I understand that when I come back from my work load of Tax Season I will not always be on a raid with Karamon or my brother Ohma it is a fact of life. Just because I am married to the dork Karamon does not give me top priority to attend the raid. With that said I will see you peeps on line without my guild tag till I am ready to come back .

All the best

Re: We're exceeding maximum density for only one 25 man run per week...

Additionally, I'd like to point out that many of us have non-standard schedules when it comes to the working world, our real lives, responsibilities, and obligations.

As a result, there will inevitably be members of faceroll whom will not be available for the current Friday-Sunday standard schedule.

To faciliate a more flexible schedule for other raiders whom might not be available, I am opening up an "Alternate" raiding table for those who want to crash some dice at different server times.

Anyone who is unable to attend the Friday-Sunday (8pm-12am Server) raiding slots, please send me (Omni) a private message on the forums with your current availability and desired raiding time.

If enough people submit times that overlap during the weekend (or even weekdays), I will be happy to setup the "Reverse/inversed/upside down/inside out/<insert adjective here> Faceroll Raider Schedule" for those individuals.

Remember, universal conformity and absolute obedience to Omni is definately srs bsns.
Raiding is meant to be a royal pain, and I get all the l00tz.

-Omni (Signatures are srs bsns) >.>

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