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Kinda miss the good times.  How you all doing?

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Chilling on Star Trek Online. Killing time till Star Wars gets released. Good times.

I hear pretty much all the big guilds on Kirin Tor are falling apart. It's a shame

All the foundations appear to be cracking. I bet Star Wars ends up throwing WoW into it's eclipse like WoW did with EQ.

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The thing about KotOR online is that, regardless of class balance or any other determining factor, I will be unable to play any class that doesn't come equipped with a red lightsabre. I mean seriously.... red.... light... sabre.... is there even anything else in that game?

Warlocks do not play the game to have fun, we are merely here to make sure no one else has any

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I agree.  I can only imagine the staggering amounts of people that will pick a class simply because it has a light saber (myself included if i decide to get it)