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While we have some downtime rebuilding the core raiding group I think there are a few things we might consider doing differently to boost attendance, performance, and all around Faceroll goodness.


One of the top considerations when someone chooses a raiding guild is a time slot. With our number of core raiders currently low, it makes sense to at re-evaluate whether or not there is a better fit for us and/or more likely to attract new applicants.

The schedule has been 8 PM to 11:00 PM server on the following days:

  • Weds - Baradin Hold/Tol Barad (previously Northrend weekly raid)

  • Thu/Fri/Sat - Primary raid content for main toons

  • Mon: Alt night for several months, but petered out due to declining population/attendence at the end of WotLK

A few possibilities I'd like to put on the table:

1. Attendence has always been weak on Saturdays, and it is very difficult to fill in gaps with puggies as most people are locked by then. Does changing/moving Saturday to another night work better for you?

2. We're mostly an east coast crowd and frequently call it a night a little early due to fatigue, particularly on Thursdays. Does it make sense to stop (or start) a little earlier?

Raid Attendance

Attending main night raids has never been mandatory, but this has proven to be an impediment to moving through new content. A couple of the major (and obvious) issues are:

1. Experience or "face time" is the most significant factor in downing a boss.

2. Spreading loot over a large body of people increases the number of kills (or time it takes) to get that next boss down.

3. The more often the same people work together, the the better they will work together.

I propose that as a part of this discussion we put together a formal roster of people who can commit (with reasonable certainty) to a specific raid slot on a specific schedule and meet certain composition and performance requirements e.g. 10K individual dps or 9K & [uber raid buff], etc.


In the past, recruiting has often been predicated on the idea that applicants would or should be raiders, but outside of filling a specific hole in a raiding team/roster, this has always seemed pointless to me. I suggest that not only do we abandon this mentality for guild membership, but encourage "casuals" to join.

Imo some of the people that have contributed the most to Faceroll rofls have been Friends & Family members. Some of those "Clickers" have actually gone on to become great raiders. At the same time, there seems to be no shortage of raiders that show up twice, then promptly quit the game.

There is a certain maturity (and age floor) that I think we should continue to require, but beyond that I'd like to welcome a broader audience into our ranks.

Getting Started

I'll jump start the discussion by saying that I'd prefer to keep the raid times roughly the same, but switch Saturday night to Wednesday, and I can commit to performing tanking duties on whatever nights we land.


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Re: Raiding Discussion

A lot of this is, I think, a good start. Adjusting raid times, opening up recruiting—more to a "type" of player than a "level" of player—more, raiding requirements. Going to a 10M roster is pretty much the only way to move forward, with a successful second 10M group necessary for talk of merging to a 25M group, IMO. Since the loot is now all the same, the "spreading" issue is now not the same.

Furthermore, we might want to consider "progression" oriented distribution, which is something I've seen other 10M guilds do. This might be merge–able with EPGP, if you had performance metrics which could award additional EP, but this is far easier to do for DPS than other roles. Thankfully, DPS only rarely will compete with healers for gear, and should never compete with tanks. Progression–oriented distribution for tanks is easy: If the main tank wants it, he gets it.

Re: Raiding Discussion

I have sad raid attendance, mainly because I tend to turn into a pumpkin by about 10 and am useless by 11 (est, not server time).

I like Kast's idea of progression lewt distribution. It makes more sense to me that if I am running and a regular raid DPSer is too, they should have priority over me. The only thing to consider is that if a clicker/stand in never gets goodies then they might not come out. Typically that works itself out pretty quickly as your core group gets geared faster than tag alongs anyway.

If you need me I'll be farming rep and studying my EJ spreadsheet. ;)

Re: Raiding Discussion

Kast wrote:

A lot of this is, I think, a good start.

Well, people need to take the next step, participate in the discussion & sign up:

[Toon Name]
My main spec is [Main Spec]
My off spec is [Off Spec]
Can reliably attend [Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat]
The best times for me [Start Time] to [End Time]

Half your dps & twice your total damage: always, fastly, and well.

Re: Raiding Discussion

i agree with everything being said. I think it's time for a change to come to America and I, for one, am ready for a change.