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In a further effort to make guild policies transparent to our members, the goal of this post is to illuminate the direction that we, the officers, have been heading as far as promotion goes, and to codify the system we are already using to decide who might be promoted.  As part of this process, we are adding an additional rank for friends and family (non-raiders), rather than lumping them in with our Buttonmashers.

ALL Faceroll Syndiate guildmembers must identify a main toon, nonraiders included. Raiders must also identify a main spec. For nonraiders this is primarily for organizational purposes, but for raiders, this identifies the character that you will bring to our main raid nights, and the spec you will roll on as your main spec.  If you have an offspec (for example, heals vs dps), and we ask you to fill that role in raid for a night, you will still roll on gear for your main spec.

ALL Faceroll Syndicate members (including non-raiders) who are appropriately geared for the content are welcome to invite into main night raids with their main toon.  However, should we have more attendence than available slots, non-raiders will be bumped first; after that, Facerollers take priority over Buttonmashers, who take priority over Powernubs (this priority system will ALWAYS be subject to raid composition needs).

Non-raiding Facerollers (currently only Friends & Family of raiders):

Clicker: Nonraider rank.  If a nonraider wishes to transition to a raiding rank, he should consult an officer; if he has gear appropriate for our content (similar to what we look for in a new recruit), he will be promoted to raiding rank (Powernub).

Raiding Facerollers:

Faceroll Syndicate maintains three raiding ranks.  An initiate raider comes in as a Powernub, then transitions to Buttonmasher, and finally, to Faceroller.  An additional rank, Facerollinator, is available to Facerollers with authenticators, and allows additional bank priviledges (just show an officer your corehound).

Faceroll has long operated on the principle of looking for an average of 2 nights raiding out of our 3 scheduled main night raids, or an average attenence of 8 main night raids per month.  We also recognize that Real Life is more important than WoW, so if you have something come up, just let an officer know!  However, if something seems to be coming up every week, promotion might take a little longer.

Promotion up the raiding ranks is based on two things: time spent raiding with the guild, and performance in raids.  We are currently using the following criteria:

Time In Guild:

Powernub -> Buttonmasher: Three weeks at the Powernub rank, averaging 2/3 nights attendence

Buttonmasher -> Faceroller: Four weeks at Buttonmasher rank, averaging 2/3 nights attendence


A raider...
    - Does not frequently stand in fire or otherwise die stupidly or wipe the raid due to mechanics
    - Does research on fights he has not seen
    - Does extra research if a fight requires him to fill a particular role (like driving the Abomination on Professor Putricide)
    - Pays attention to given strategy and asks questions if necessary before a pull
    - Is consistent with attendance and with letting us know if he will miss a raid
    - Is on-time to raids and prepared (flasks, food, reagents)
    - Has a positive attitude regarding being asked to sit out for an evening; volunteers occasionally
    - Is aware, generally, of what the other raid roles are required to do
    - If he has a pve off-spec, is prepared and willing to perform that role if the raid requires it


    A Tank...
    - Makes use of cooldowns
    - Can perform MT or OT duties (boss v. adds, etc)
    - Generates threat consistent with class/gear

A DPS...
    - DPSes the correct target
    - Makes use of raid utility abilities (interrupts, stuns, slows, dispels)
    - Produces dps consistent with class/spec/gear

A healer...
    - Heals primarily the assigned target (tank(s) vs. raid)
    - Makes use of cooldowns
    - Produces healing consistent with class/spec/gear

I meet all the criteria, why haven't you promoted me?

    With so many guild members and the hope for more, we the officers are only human, and it's inevitable that at some point, someone will slip through the cracks.  If you feel this has happened to you, please alert us!  We'll make sure to evaluate you specifically in our next raiding weekend.

What happens if I don't get promoted?

    Occasionally, it may occur that a guild member applies for promotion and is denied.  If this happens to you, you will be given specific goals to work towards, in the areas where we would like to see you improve before we make that move.  You'll need to spend at least two weeks improving yourself before you will be evaluated again.

Can I get demoted?

    As a general rule, no.  However, in the case of prolonged (and particularly, unexplained) absence, a raid member will be demoted to haxx to protect the guild and bank.  If that guild member then returns to the game, the officers will discuss how he will be reinstated to raiding rank.  Prolonged but explained absences (for example, deployment) will be returned immediately to their former rank.  Unexplained absences (for example, silence for months followed by "oh I just took a break,") may be required to spend a short time at the rank lower than their previous rank before being promoted again.

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I think it was the removal of the 'FIRED' rank that ultimately led me to quit WoW.

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I have a new rank for the likes of you

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