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I have sad raid attendance, mainly because I tend to turn into a pumpkin by about 10 and am useless by 11 (est, not server time).

I like Kast's idea of progression lewt distribution. It makes more sense to me that if I am running and a regular raid DPSer is too, they should have priority over me. The only thing to consider is that if a clicker/stand in never gets goodies then they might not come out. Typically that works itself out pretty quickly as your core group gets geared faster than tag alongs anyway.

If you need me I'll be farming rep and studying my EJ spreadsheet. ;)

Interesting idea, but I really need practice with rotations/CC/not standing in the god damn bad.


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Guess who just got busted for laughing so loud it's clear she isn't working? :P


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I do love nerd points! Should be looking for non-RL action in the evenings this week.


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Beautiful name!


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I should have never agreed to let Mr. Spooky stream the Habs/Leafs game instead of raiding.

Grats all! :D