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/pity the fool


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<---- STEELERS!!!

that is all....


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I MC like a fiend in heroics.  Problem is boss fights that spawn 8-15 adds with 15K that explode when they die and need to be killed quickly.  MC is pro.  Stonecore Warbringers are my MC mob of choice.


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Yeah I'd say "easiest to play" is definitely reflected in this.  I have taken note of seeing survival hunters crawling out of the woodwork in randoms and just questing around.  This will ultimately result in a nerf and QQ.

Also, I have never done any hard simulations (go ahead, call me bad) I can't speak for where those comparison lie.

As a side note, Mind Sear sux balls now.  I curse the fact that we even have it.  When I see that a hunter can multi-shot a pack of mobs for huge numbers, on the move, and get a DoT (if talented) whilst MSear is a 4-5 sec channeled ability that hits like a wet noodle.

My experience in HStonecore first boss last night confirmed it, Holy Nova spam in Shadow spec is more efficient.  I don't need a meter topping AoE spell, but blizz could at least give us a way to be efficient with quick trash mob packs.  As of now we have nothing.


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Not sure what to think about this or how comparable the sample size is...

Still interesting.

http://worldofwarcraft.tgn.tv/topic/187 … y-numbers/


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Thought I'd share.  Note the bold.

Let’s talk about Lightwell.
Lightwell is a holy priest’s highest HpM spell but the difficulty is, as always, getting others to
use the @#$% thing.
Lightwell is the most efficient healing spell in the World of Warcraft, and the biggest throughput
increase for 1 talent point of any healer. Many of the drawbacks of this spell have been addressed.
It is now clickable from 20 yards without deselecting your target, does not need to be channeled, and
can't be reused until your current Lightwell Renew has run its duration. It is even usable while
. It does still require your fellow raiders to use it for themselves, and its use cannot be


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Braice wrote:

shhh keep spamming PW:S, FH, and Penance!

Spam is now a dirty word for healers.  Seriously.  Unless you count the one with a 8 second cast time that heals the tank for 2% of their healthpool.


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Til it's over and then
Its nice and quiet
But soon again
Starts a nother big riot!!

edit:  quoting Björk for It's-friday-and-I-am-at-work (in)sanity.


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Its oh so quiet...   shhhh


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Essentially, you group up for a dungeon and drop group, tag the mobs, then let the group kill them and rejoin group before auto-kick.  This gives you 5X the intended exp points.  There is debate on whether or not this is an exploit but it is quite obvious that it is not intended to work that way.


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85 is 5 hours reportedly due to mob tagging in dungeons...  world firsts are nothing more than a joke as the ones seeking to achieve them are missing so much of the content and intended 'feel' blizz works so hard to provide.

Kudos for those who seek these achievements, just not my style.


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Pending family, expect to see a Morrowyn sighting tonight around 8:00 server.  I bought the digital version since going out is a bit more difficult these days.   Meanwhile... I am at work too.  Hoping to get back on to level for the next few weeks.  Baby and wife are doing great.  I will likely be afk very often when online so if it seems like I am ignoring gchat or whatever, you know why.


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sorta.  I don't have boobs so not much I can do when she wakes up in the middle of the night.  Just been supporting Holly with whatever she needs.  Its been nice to have all 3 of us together with relatively no worries.


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Here are a couple more from just before we left the hospital.



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Just got home this afternoon.  She has been a professional sleeper and pooper!!  She is so dang cute!  I will get more pix up soon.  Honestly been very tired but glad to be home with her.


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these are all from minutes after birth!


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Rowan Elise
11:14pm November 22nd

pics incoming...


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The Humbling River

...if I had a theme song this might be it.


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I caught some of that thread at work today.  Let it be known that Tool is and has been my favorite band since '95ish, so like forever.   It made me smile a lot actually.

P.S. this one takes the cake for me.  Give yourself about 10 minutes of uninterrupted attention.


To think the Beibs took the cake at the AMAs this year.  Bring back art!   Bring back music!


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He'll kick your ass!

http://izismile.com/2010/11/04/little_h … mster.html


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LMAO @ the crack spider's bitch!

This thing was all serious at the beginning, then went off the rails at the end! good stuff.


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do want one!  I love this type of thing!  Interesting that this guy has no formal degrees.


not funny, but awesome nonetheless.

As for the mastery:  I am almost certain the deeper you go in the tree the stronger the mastery, regardless of points spent.  I can try to find the source.

I do not like Archangel for healing, doing damage as a secondary effect to heals/absorbs is one thing but have to heal, change targets, watch for dispels, fire on the ground, boss mechanics, etc etc etc seems like way too much to HAVE to rely on a damage spell with a cast time in order to maximize healing much less stacking it up.  I just feel this is a convoluted healing model all around and doesn't make sense.

For Shadow @ 85 = pure buttery goodness!  For Disc PVP =  awesome

For Disc or Holy PVE = meh

I just made a lvl 85 Disc spec ignoring the Smite thing all together and its completely viable imo.

http://www.wowarmory.com/talent-calc.xm … 0000000000

I might be wrong but I think you have to fill out the shadow tree (Dispersion) to get to the other trees.  or at least to gain full mastery benefits of shadow.

As for holy, Chakras still need some work.  I have some misgivings about how their mechanics work atm. 

Renew Chakra suggests spam, and that isn't feasible considering the mana cost.

Sanctuary only allows one active at time, yet you can have 2 out visually.  That is concerning because how do folks know which to stand in. 

Heal Chakra, not. worth. it.

For now, I run with 2 points in Veiled Shadows for a 3 minute CD on fiend.  This is a great help for mana on longer fights.

Surge of light is not worth it anymore.  With Serendipity only needing 2 stacks, a hasted GH is just as effective, though not instant. 

Lightwell is the only logical choice left to take.  Its not that bad honestly even if you just park it next to you and use it for self heals.  Its cheap and is a strong heal.

Comparing holy priest healing to resto druid healing, either druid are gonna get the nerf bat something fierce, or priest are gonna get alot more sustained throughput....

After running a icc10 on my druid last night, it is glaringly obvious how imbalance the classes are right now.  I literally tried to oom myself all night and could never dip below 12K mana (33%) and thats without using innervate. 

What I am seeing as a need for as a holy priests is this:  either a non-temporary mana replenishment ability, or a mana pool boost.  Druids have both with options via glyphs.  Disc priest have both iirc, via rapture and tree specialization. 

Holy has a lowly 20% increased in-combat mana regen, thats it.  I am not privy to other healer class changes but this is my primary concerns with holy right now and after some quick browsing on EJ, I am not alone.

**edit**  /rage @ Disc priest theorycrafting hogging all the discussion in EJ threads.